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  • Aluband Window Flashing Tape

    Aluband is a premium tape with the benefits of heavier bituminous adhesive and a foil backing offering high strength bond and excellent abrasion resistance. Aluband can be exposed to the elements for up to 42 days.

    As part of the system the Orange corner mouldings are used to provide a high strength, robust flashing system and a secondary weather barrier.


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  • Orange Corner Moulds

    Thermakraft Corner Moulds must be used in conjunction with Thermakraft window sealing tape system.

    Corner moulds are available in two size packs of 20 or 50 pieces.

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  • Premium Joining Tape

    Thermakraft Premium Joining Tape is part of the RAB™ Board system by James Hardie™. Thermakraft Premium Joining Tape is a high-end construction tape to join James Hardie RAB sheets. It can also be used to join a wide range of flexible underlays and rigid sheathing products. The thick layer of acrylic adhesive bonds to common construction substrates and supports a wide range of operating temperatures.

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  • Thermaflash Window Flashing Tape


    Thermaflash is a high performance self-adhering window flashing tape. The advanced adhesive technology provides a high strength bond to most building surfaces and wall underlays. It is suitable for window and door installation as well as other wall penetrations. Thermaflash can be installed in a wide range of temperatures and can withstand UV exposure for up to 180 days.

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  • OneSeal Multi-fit Pipe and Cable Penetration Seals

    Thermakraft OneSeal Multi-fit Pipe and Cable penetration seals are part of the Thermakraft OneWrap membrane system.

    They are a patented, airtight solution for round or rectangular pipes, cables or conduits when passing through underlay barriers.

    OneSeal Multi-fit Pipe and Cable Seals are simple to install, highly adhesive and completely airtight.

    Remove the guesswork and be sure that you’ll always have the right size for the job.

    Pipe Seals

    Four pre-notched rings for pipes sized from 15mm to 110mm diameter.

    Cable Seals

    1 x conduit – 55mm to 80mm diameter;


    2 x cables – 10mm to 22mm diameter; and

    4 x cables – 7mm to 10mm diameter.

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  • White General Purpose Tape

    A premium white polypropylene tape, using the latest in acrylic adhesive technology which can be used on synthetic wall & roof underlays, foil products or damp proof membranes such as thermathene. The tape is also ideal for sealing edges of vapour control layers, ducts and underfloor foil insulation.

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